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Daily, weekly and twice monthly e-newsletters focus on industry news and the capital markets. These subscription-based, opt-in newsletters offer an additional information resource for those that prefer to have news and commentary delivered directly to their email.

CPE Daily News Update

CPE's daily e-newsletter delivers the most recent news and the latest headlines every weekday morning, giving executives a jumpstart on their day. It provides important details on and insights into the most critical industry deals, important events and moves in economic indicators.

CPE Weekly News Update

CPE's weekly e-newsletter is delivered to executives every Tuesday, providing a roundup of critical perspective and analysis on the most important industry news reported over the course of the week to date, the biggest deals and dealmakers, the latest on the economy, key links to online multimedia offerings and more. It offers ongoing industry intelligence and data to successfully navigate today's challenging economic landscape.

CPE Capital Markets Update

Delivered twice monthly, the CPE Capital Markets Update keeps our audience in the know with special commentary from experts on key financial areas, including finance, investment, net lease and REITs. It also includes news, a subscriber-only special feature and the latest data reflecting performance in these critical areas.


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