Andrew Ackerman

Managing Director, Sands Investment Group

  • Net Lease’s Staying Power

    The sector remains a popular investment type for real estate players looking for stability and consistent, long-term returns. Sands Investment Group Managing Director Andrew Ackerman reflects on 2017 and shares his 2018 outlook for the net lease space.

    National 20 December 2017 14:51
  • Handling Uncertainty in the Net Lease Market

    By Andrew Ackerman, Managing Director, Sands Investment Group: Now more than ever, individuals' perceptions about the market are outweighing historical data when making transaction decisions.

    National 15 March 2017 14:38
  • Decision Making at the Tipping Point

    By Andrew Ackerman, Managing Director, Sands Investment Group: With prices at an all-time high, net lease investors need to consider the true value of the properties they want to buy.

    National 03 August 2016 19:17
  • Why Invest in C-Store Property?

    C-store properties offer significant value to investors who may overlook the assets based on appearances or liability misconceptions, according to Andrew Ackerman of Stan Johnson Co.

    19 June 2013 19:13