Danny Prosky

Executive Vice President of Healthcare Real Estate, Grubb & Ellis Equity Advisors L.L.C.

  • Commercial Real Estate Investing Rises

    By Danny Prosky, Grubb & Ellis Co.

    Parallel to the resurgence is the fact that last year the public non-traded REIT sector grew dramatically. It is anticipated to grow more this year as more properties come available and the capital markets engine kicks in once again.

    National 16 February 2011 20:18
  • Demand for Healthcare Real Estate Continues to Grow

    By Danny Prosky, Grubb & Ellis Equity Advisors L.L.C.

    There is no doubt the REIT market has received considerable attention in recent months as investors hoping to improve returns turn their attention to commercial real estate as a way to diversify, improve yield and capitalize on the opportunistic sector.

    National 05 January 2011 16:04