Scott Campbell

Associate Director, Calkain Cos.

  • Bridging the Net Lease Retail Buyer-Seller Gap

    Calkain Cos. Associate Director Scott Campbell delves into how factors like rising interest rates and a new political structure have made the gap between buyers and sellers a particular focus for net lease retail investment players this year.

    National 19 April 2017 17:42
  • Net Lease Opportunities Abound in 2017

    By Scott Campbell, Associate Director, Calkain Cos.: A renewed confidence in the U.S. economy will likely bring many buyers to the net lease market next year.

    National 22 December 2016 21:10
  • Why Buy Now Instead of Later?

    By Scott Campbell, Associate Director, Calkain Cos.: While there are many factors investors must consider when buying a net lease asset, waiting to buy is not as lucrative as one may think.

    National 07 December 2016 18:09