Podcasts - West

  • Special Feature: Living with Art

    Earlier this year, Meta Housing Corp. introduced its third seniors housing residence with an arts orientation, this one featuring a professional theater. CEO John Huskey talks about the company's efforts to expand its arts- and education-oriented portfolio in this article and podcast.

    28 July 2013 23:14
  • Veterans Haven: A Different Kind of Housing

    Matthew Heslin has found a new way to make a difference: Providing housing for homeless veterans. He talks about what's involved on CPE Radio.

    25 September 2012 03:53
  • Expansion in Today’s Market? John Combs Weighs In

    It's tough to expand in a recovering market, but sometimes it makes sense. John Combs talks about what went into his decisionmaking in expanding RiverRock Real Estate Group Inc.

    30 August 2010 18:07