2021 New Orders

The value of manufacturers’ new orders across multiple industries, updated monthly.

Not seasonally adjusted; $ in millions

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Year-over-year, new orders increased by an average 1.3 percent—or by $5.9 million—as of January, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. Compared to January 2021, new orders for Computer and Electronic Products recorded the most considerable increase, up by 9.3 percent, followed by Electrical Equipment, Appliances and Components (6.1 percent) and Primary Metals (4.7 percent).

Orders for the Durable Goods Industries were up by 4.6 percent, while orders for Machinery rose 4.4 percent, followed by Fabricated Metal Products (up by 3.4 percent). Transportation Equipment registered the smallest growth, with orders up by just 0.1 percent. As of January, new orders fell for two sectors: Furniture and Related Products (down by 3.1 percent) and Nondurable Goods Industries (down by 1.7 percent).

On a month-over-month basis, new orders decreased by an average 6.3 percent as of January, equal to a $31.7 million drop. As opposed to the year-over-year trend, new orders were down for most industries, with the most notable decrease coming from the Computer and Electronic Products sector (-27.8 percent), followed by Transportation Equipment (-15.3 percent) and the Durable Goods Industries (-9.5 percent). Machinery recorded a 6.9 percent slip in new orders, while Electrical Equipment, Appliances and Components were down by 6.0 percent, followed by the Nondurable Goods Industries (-3.0 percent).

The only sectors to post gains month-over-month were Primary Metals (7.6 percent), Fabricated Metal Products (4.8 percent) and Furniture and Related Products (2.2 percent).

—Posted on March 25, 2021