$73M Green Data Center on Tap for British Columbia

Having brought IBM on board as a partner, RackForce Networks will develop a 150,000-square-foot data center in Kelowna, B.C. The approximately $73 million energy efficient facility, gigaCENTER, will be near the top of the list of the largest green data centers in Canada. While RackForce notes that gigaCENTER will be one of the biggest green data facilities in Canada, IBM takes it up a notch. “This is a very large-scale project and it will be one of the largest green data centers in the world,” an IBM spokesperson told CPN today. Details about gigaCENTER’s specific site have not been released, but the center will be safe and secure so as to address businesses’ concerns regarding the potentially damaging consequences of natural disasters. Space at the facility, which will include approximately 70,000 square feet of raised-floor data space, will be available for rent in segments ranging from a single cabinet to dedicated cages and private rooms. RackForce and IBM will rely on IBM’s modular approach in the development of gigaCENTER, which will feature an environmentally friendly design and other green elements, including hydro-generated power. The development dovetails with IBM’s year-old Project Big Green, an endeavor centered on the optimization of data center usage and new means of decreasing reliance on energy. “This is a $1 billion a year initiative to dramatically increase energy efficiency in data centers for IBM and our clients,” the spokesperson noted. “We’re the leading designer and builder of data centers, and we’ve built more than 40 green centers.” All told, IBM has developed over 30 million square feet of data centers around the world over the last three decades. The company is facing a great deal of demand for green data centers, the spokesperson added, spurred by the rising cost of energy and pressure on business executives–by clients and employees, alike–to create environmentally friendly workplaces. gigaCENTER will be constructed in phases over a three-year period, with the initial phase on target to reach completion in December.