77 Playgrounds to be Built, Refurbished through Mayor Emanuel’s Chicago Plays! Program in 2015

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, together with city officials and the Chicago Park District has announced that 77 playgrounds will be built or refurbished in parks across the city in 2015 through the City’s Chicago Plays! program.

Renovated Grandparents Playlot Park, Fall 2014

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, together with city officials and the Chicago Park District, has announced that during 2015 77 playgrounds will be built or refurbished in city parks through the Chicago Plays! program.

The Chicago Plays! initiative was launched in spring 2013 with the goal of rebuilding, repairing, and/or refurbishing 325 playgrounds over a period of five years. The Chicago Park District is working with Friends of the Park and Park Advisory Councils in order to prioritize equipment replacement and determine which playgrounds are in most need of repair.

According to a news release, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is planning to build 26 additional playgrounds at schools that own the required space but do not currently have a playground. Funded through CPS Capital Funds, the total cost of the playgrounds is $8 million.

“Not only are we undertaking one of the most aggressive playground rehabilitation programs in the country, we’re ahead of schedule and are on track to hit our five year goal of 300 refurbished playgrounds through Chicago Plays! one year ahead of schedule,” said Mayor Emanuel.

The Chicago Plays! program will invest roughly $125,000 in new playground equipment at each park location. The total cost of the program comes to $37.5 million.

“Playgrounds provide children a place to play, parents to bond and neighbors to come together; from building new playgrounds to adding hundreds of acres of new park space, we are investing to create a quality of life for children and families that is unmatched,” explained the Mayor.

Image courtesy of the Chicago Park District

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