Acuity Brands Debuts Versatile Luminaires

Products in the SLOT 1 collection can be digitally linked to system-wide solutions in a network that can control a single room, a zone or an entire building.
The SLOT 1 collection is designed to offer visually comfortable light output as well as a wide range of dimming and control options.

Acuity Brands Lighting has launched the SLOT 1 line of linear LED luminaires from Mark Architectural Lighting. SLOT 1 is a collection of sleek, small form factor luminaires. Measuring measuring 1.5 inches in width, the product is intended for indoor lighting applications that require a single-source solution with design aesthetic, quality and tailored control of light.

The SLOT 1 line of LED luminaires offers a variety of features:

  • Powered by the Modulus low voltage power and control system, they provide greater dimming and control options than other linear lighting solutions in a small-form factor.
  • Enabled with nLight, they can be digitally connected to system-wide networked solutions devices and sensors to create a lighting controls network with the flexibility to control one room, a zone or an entire building.
  • Tunable white enables occupants to adjust color temperatures from ambient to brighter levels of illumination.
  • Visually comfortable light output through regressed lenses reduce glare and provide balanced,even light. 
  • Pre-configured pattern options for optimizing the design aesthetics and beauty of the luminaires.
  • Available in recessed, pendant, surface and wall forms in three standard finish options and an assortment of lenses for desired light distribution.
  • Modular design enables easy installation with one power drop for every 32 ft. of luminaires.