ADC Systems Now Provide Advanced Cellular Coverage

Minneapolis-based ADC continues to improve connections in wireline, wireless, cable, broadcast, broadband and enterprise networks around the world, most recently by acquiring LGC, a privately help San Jose, Calif., firm. Noted John Spindler, vice president of product management for ADC, “Enterprises are simply demanding more coverage indoors. First and foremost, the usage of wireless and cellular is quite ubiquitous – even 8 year olds carry cell phones now, and everyone expects them to work wherever they go.”Originally cell phones were intended to be used in cars. Now usage patterns have changed. About 70 percent of all calls are initiated or received inside a structure. Problem is that the cellular networks aren’t designed to reach the indoors. You get leakage into buildings, that’s all . It’s just like an AM radio that won’t work in a tunnel because all the concrete blocks the radio signal from coming in. Reflective window materials, concrete and steel mitigate the cellular reception from permeating the building. So coverage today is very much an issue. LGC, which ADC acquired late last year, helps the firm to address the coverage challenge. It expands cellular reception both inside buildings and outside. LGC uses a distributed antenna system to retrofit the wires already in use. It works like an ever-widening sprinkler system. From one source, called a baystation, antenna points distributed throughout a ceiling function like little cellular towers. Each antenna point, about the size of a credit card, has its own area to cover and can increase coverage from up to 15,000 sq. feet – 100,000 square feet, depending on the qualities of the region. LGC connections can also implanted easily into a space as it is being built, due to the very thin fiber optic cables that are required. Added Spindler, “ Retro-fitting is easy because we use what’s already in the buildings. New construction is a snap because the cabling can be put in easily, before the walls are up. So we’re also seeing more and more enterprises and building owners deciding that they will do this themselves. They foot the bill because they see that the wireless devices are displacing landline phones. If you add reachability for the employees then their productivity is improved that much more…so a lot of the costs savings is soft dollar improvement.” The ADC cable systems are now deployed in airports, hospitality venues, hospitals , manufacturing and hi tech companies, stadiums, malls, underground spaces, and other real estate facilities such as multi-tenant office spaces. Recently it was installed in the Black Gold Centre in Leduc, the site of the 2008 Alberta Winter Games, and will be used for the venue of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver .