Affordable Solar Announces Projects for Three Businesses in Albuquerque

Albuquerque-based Affordable Solar provides solar project design, project development, construction, distribution, and solar integrator support since 1998. Ever since, the company has supplied over 15,000 PV systems to various properties in 96 countries.

By Anca Gagiuc, Associate Editor

Albuquerque-based Affordable Solar provides solar project design, project development, construction, distribution and solar integrator support. Since 1998, the company has supplied over 15,000 photovoltaic systems to properties in 96 countries.

Recently, the company announced the completion of three commercial solar array systems for commercial properties from the metro area in Albuquerque. This type of investment translates into higher value for the properties. The improvement pays for itself as soon as it gets financed, and allows for savings in electric utility costs.

One of the three businesses that turned to Affordable Solar’s systems is The Center for BioScience, a business incubator located in the northeast part of the city. They’ve had installed a 25.5 kW DC solar electric array, more precisely 126 Canadian Solar 245 watt panels, anchored on Unirac mounting equipment made in Albuquerque. The new system is expected to save the Center for BioScience $5,640 after the first year and $142,028 over a 25-year period, in avoided energy costs.

Goodman’s Interior Structures is another of the three companies to have chosen Affordable Solar. This office furniture dealership installed the solar electric array in their Albuquerque showroom; it consists of 30 kW DC, 100 Canadian Solar 285 watt panels and Unirac mounting racking system. Their savings after one year will total $9,571, and in 25 years nearly $400,000 will be spared through energy savings.

The third company that considered investing in Affordable Solar is Autry Plaza, a multi-unit office building on San Pedro Neb. they’ve installed 30 kW DC solar array, composed out of 100 Canadian Solar 300 watt panels, using the Unirac gear. The forecasted savings after year one is $8,330 and $261,316 after 25 years. Attorney Will Ferguson, owner of Autry Plaza said, “The process was quick, painless and professional. I’m pleased with the installation and the prospects for the project going forward. The revised economics will be transformational for our older, but still desirable building.”

The three buildings feed renewable energy back into the grid, helping create a cleaner future for the city; combined, they will save at least $1,057,556 according to a press release.

Photo courtesy of Affordable Solar.