Allegion Introduces New Modular Lock

The Grade 2 cylindrical lock is easy to install and can be reconfigured at a later date.
Schlage ALX Series. Image courtesy of Allegion

Allegion US has introduced the Schlage ALX Series, a new cylindrical lock with a modular chassis design that lets users create the lock they need on site. The Grade 2 lock, an evolution of the AL Series of door locks, also allows the user to change its functions in the future as a room is repurposed.

The door hardware is simple to install, with no loose parts, and offers 10 designs with a full range of key system support. Features such as grade 1 compression springs and a stainless steel latchbolt provide high durability. The new lock also offers extra functionality with Vandlgard lever engagement—in which the lever swings freely while remaining locked—that can be field reversed to a non-Vandlgard setting.