Amenities That Increase Employee Retention

Providing services and amenities to office workers can have a big impact on whether they stay at their job or not. Here’s what office workers had to say about it.
Image via Pixabay

In this month’s partnership with Kingsley Associates, office workers share their thoughts on what property managers can do to keep employees at their offices; from adding a gym, offering a daycare center and eliminating parking fees.

“Showers, common wifi, bookable spaces (room for overflow meetings, larger presentations, all-hands, visiting employees, etc. outside what our suite can offer), a larger list of preferred vendors with favorable negotiated rates.” –Office, San Francisco, Calif.

“An on-site workout room with lockers/showers would be very useful (and a great recruiting tool, both for our employees and for tenants).” –Office, Denver, Colo.

“The new parking fees are prohibitive to a large percentage of our workforce and will negatively impact our ability to attract and retain employees.” –Office, Los Angeles, Calif.

“Elevator concerns have forced one employee to resign and another to reduce work schedule due to physical limitations.” –Office, Columbia, Md.

“It would be nice if you could do a solar parking lot, which would save money, keep our cars cleaner and keep the employees dryer when it rains.” –Office, Dublin, Calif.

“We have young employees who have asked about Amazon lock boxes. I think it’s unnecessary, but just a suggestion that has been mentioned.” –Office, Chicago, Ill.

“Honestly, I don’t think the property features have any impact on our ability to attract and retain employees because they are more interested in salary and benefits.” –Office, Cincinnati, Ohio

“The younger staff that we are hiring are looking for an office space that has a gym, places to eat, a locker room, a mother’s room and parking.” –Office, Baltimore, Ala.

“We are an office that is 80% women out of 200 employees.  A daycare center onsite would amaze and please a large portion of our employees.” –Office, Seattle, Wash.