Amerlux Introduces Beautifying LED Lamp

The High Bay 202 pendant has a color rendering index of up to 90, which enhances customers’ perception of colors for fresh grocery products as well as clothing.
The High Bay 202 Pendant
The High Bay 202 Pendant

Amerlux announced the launch of the High Bay 202 pendant, suitable for open-ceiling concepts found mostly in retail. The company highlighted the fixture’s prismatic refractor or aluminum reflectors that deliver a more controlled, glare-free beam of light. Also, its high color rendering index score of up to 90 helps enhance appearance of fresh products in supermarkets or clothing.

“Our new High Bay 202 pendant accentuates natural colors to such a high level that it triggers a response from other senses. Its impressive color rendering, which is critical for fresh products in a supermarket or vibrant clothing in a retailer’s boutique, makes our latest innovation a show-stopper,” said Amerlux CEO & President Chuck Campagna, in a prepared statement.

Saves energy and costs

The pendant comes in two versions—60 watts and 150 watts. Both provide zero-to-10 volts dimming capability and have a five-year warranty. The first one provides light (3,000 Kelvin or 3,500 Kelvin) with a lumen output of 6,600. Users can also choose between wired or independent occupancy as well as daylight controls to maximize return on investment.

The 150-watt version is more suitable for more generous spaces such as airports, big-box retail stores and auto dealerships with higher output illumination requirements. The Amerlux pendant offers consistent lighting by delivering foot-candle levels that adequately illuminate the space without casting shadow or glare. Its lumen output is 18,500, while color temperature is 3,500 Kelvin or 4,000 Kelvin.

The High Bay 202 Pendant’s LED lamp distributes light evenly and reduces energy consumption by as much as 60 percent. Also, it lasts 100,000 hours, much longer than a comparable 20,000-hour HID lamp. Its long lifespan is expected to reduce maintenance costs. The products can ship in 10 days or less from the time they are ordered.

Image courtesy of Amerlux