App-Based Refueling Service Enters Houston, Miami

GasMob’s on-site solution does not require monthly memberships nor delivery fees. Using the app, customers can schedule refueling according to their needs.

GasMob is an app-based 24/7 on-site refueling service, founded by entrepreneur and finance veterans Adam and Brad Cooper and Brannon and Mason Thompson. The mobile app connects consumers and businesses directly to on-site refueling experts, with no monthly membership or delivery fees.

Using the app, customers select the time that is most convenient for them and mark their parking location. They order the fill-up and upon completion, they are notified via text and receive a detailed receipt confirming the transaction. The app also stores order details and history, and customers can contact the certified drivers and fuel experts, or leave them notes.

GasMob’s process of filling up a personal vehicle or a corporate fleet is safe and environmentally friendly. Besides eliminating fuel spill liability, the vehicle-to-vehicle transfer eliminates the need for underground tank storage, decreasing pollution and significantly minimizing carbon footprint. Furthermore, this process also lowers fuel costs which, according to GasMob, are highly competitive and in most cases less than the local average prices.

Houston and Miami markets

With exclusive relationships already in place, Parkway Property Investments has joined the GasMob network to provide on-site refueling services to the tenants of Greenway Plaza, one of Greater Houston’s largest mixed-use campuses, with a capacity of 30,000 parking spaces.

“Tenants can now avoid the long lines and hassle of the gas station, saving valuable time. GasMob exemplifies our commitment to providing exceptional work environments that enable our customers and their employees to be more profitable and productive,” Mike Fransen, CEO at Parkway said, in a prepared statement.

In Miami, GasMob provides their services for Blue and Green Diamond, two luxury condominium towers that together boast 630 premier private residences and on-site parking.

Image courtesy of GasMob