Archibus, Autodesk Partner to Sell Autocad Products

Archibus has partnered up with San Rafael, Calif.-headquartered CAD software firm Autodesk for 25 years, but this is the first time that Archibus, the privately held, Boston-based provider of real estate management, will be able to sell Autodesk products. The products covered by the new deal include AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, Autodesk FMDesktop and the Revit series of software products.Autodesk provides graphics; Archibus the data. The Autodesk AutoCad product, for example, is used to design the skeleton and skin of a building, and to show exterior surfaces, such as steel frame supports, floor and window dimensions, stairs cases, and ventilation systems. Archibus provides software to manage interior details, such as furniture purchasing, space-rental, licensure, outsourcing and utility costs comparison studies, Bruce Forbes, President & Founder of Archibus told CPN.“Our products have about 84 applications,” he added. Many of these work with Autodesk products. Explains Forbes, “previously our partners and clients had to purchase the necessary Autodesk systems from third party providers. Now, the one-stop shopping to one central management source will make it much more convenient for clients, partners and the 4 million end-users to get all their real estate, infrastructure, and facilities management software needs met, as well as easy access to our expert technical support.”The partnership initially covers North America only, but they hope to expand it internationally, said Bill Manning, spokesperson for Archibus. More than half of Archibus clients are multinational, and probably 20 percent are global. Archibus is also moving from work station to web-based applications. The most recent of these Autodesk products is Revit Architecture, which captures and analyzes building lifecycle information regarding their construction and modification histories, costs, etc. Archibus has created a product called Overlay for Revit, so that Revit users can access the information that Archibus manages, and vice-versa. The Refit modeling will help clients to mature to the next generation. Suggested Forbes, “As we move into business intelligence, we can help businesses (with) mergers, acquisitions and (to) manage their outsourcing.”