Are You a Shining Star?

How survey participants rank in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark's four quadrants classification system.

The Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark developed a model that measures participants’ sustainability performance. Each participant is evaluated on Management & Policy and Implementation & Measurement, and then classified into one of four categories, as follows:

Green Starters: Starters have started developing and implementing sustainability policies, but still demonstrate limited organizational focus. Perhaps most critically they aren’t yet comprehensively measuring key environmental performance indicators.

Green Talk: The talkers have dedicated resources toward managing sustainability and reporting measured results externally – but are yet to fully implement sustainability plans and document performance.

Green Walk: The walkers are busy integrating policies and measuring key indicators – but are still reporting results on a more limited basis than external stakeholders expect, and may come up short in terms of formalizing policies and procedures.

Green Stars: As for the shining stars, they are integrating both management and measurement of key environmental performance indicators across their respective organizations. And they’re going beyond energy efficiency measures in directing staffers, vendors and occupants to reduce consumption of other resources as well.
The 2012 survey found a significant shift to Green Talk classification among those that were designated Green Starters in 2011. The number of Green Stars remained roughly the same, at about 20 percent of total respondents.

For more on the growing adoption of the GRESB, see Brad Berton’s “Green Measures” in the January 2013 issue of Commercial Property Executive.