Australia Approves Solar Park for Bitcoin Mining

Located some 130 miles south of Perth, in Western Australia's Shire of Collies, the 20-megawatt facility should come online within the next six months.

The Shire of Collie in Western Australia has received approval to build a 20-megawatt solar park. A future battery storage system is anticipated to be installed shortly after.

The company behind the project is Australia-based Hadouken Pty Ltd., which is owned by local energy entrepreneur Ben Tan. The solar farm will occupy 44.5 acres in the coal-mining town of Collie, in a rural area located 132 miles south of Perth, the state’s capital.

It will consist of 69,000 modules and five inverters to be installed within three to six months. According to local sources, the electricity produced by the photovoltaic farm will be used to power cryptocurrency mining activities and data center. The mining process is energy-intensive, as it requires significant computer and data resources.

The project is not the only solar facility underway in the area. A 20-megawatt Emu Downs solar farm was recently completed, a 10-megawatt Northam solar farm is currently under construction, while a 30-megawatt extension to the Greenough River solar park is proposed.