Behringer Announces Leadership Changes

Behringer Harvard Holdings has embarked on an executive leadership succession plan.

Robert Aisner, Behringer

Behringer Harvard Holdings, L.L.C. has embarked on an executive leadership succession plan, which will see Robert Aisner transition from his position as CEO & president to the role of chairman, effective at the end of the first quarter, 2016.

Additionally, Michael Cohen, currently the company’s executive vice president, will immediately assume Aisner’s role as president of Behringer, and will add CEO to his title in 2016.

This follows the broader succession plan started in 2013 when R. Franklin (Frank) Muller was elected CEO of Behringer Securities, LP.

“This is part of the strategic vision of the company outlined several years ago,” a Behringer spokesperson told Commercial Property Executive. “The first major step to expand the company’s business strategy to a multi-strategy investment platform was Mr. Muller’s hire in 2011 to expand the company’s business strategy including and beyond real estate to a multi-strategy investment firm with an expanded distribution footprint.”

Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen, Behringer

As Chairman, Aisner will assume a less active role in the investment company’s day-to-day operations focusing on Behringer’s long-term growth strategies in the investment management business, while remaining involved in many of Behringer’s real estate interests, alongside newly hired Thomas Kennedy, as well as on the five public investment program boards on which he serves.

“The company is truly structured for ongoing success,” Aisner said in a company statement. “As we continue to evolve our capabilities as a specialized investment distributor and manager, while maintaining our real estate capabilities, we will leverage the expertise of both Michael and Frank along with our seasoned team to continue our growth.”

Cohen will assume day-to-day leadership of the holding company including the responsibilities for oversight of the evolving platform of specialized investment products.

“Behringer established itself as a leading provider of real estate investments during its first decade as a company,” the spokesperson added. “The investment management platform is building upon that entrepreneurial legacy to become a multi-strategy investment firm with diversified product managers and product structures to meet evolving investor demands.”