Behringer Harvard Switches to DST

Dallas-based Behringer Harvard has switched its transfer agent to DST Systems, of Kansas City, Mo. to handle the record-keeping, transfer agency, account statement processing and other reporting for all of its real estate investment programs. Behringer Harvard will be the first direct participation program, and the first non-traded REIT sponsor to use the DST systems. Previously Behringer Harvard had used Phoenix Transfer out of San Rafael for its recordkeeping. Said Jason Mattox, executive vice president of Behringer Harvard, “We switched because the DST platform offers us a wider range of technology, and in particular enhanced servicing technology that will benefit our clients. By partnering with DST Systems, to date the largest transfer agent that facilitates the record keeping and holdings of top mutual fund companies, we have capitalized upon their experience. They have made themselves a leader in the mutual fund space. I think this will be much more than just a vendor relationship.” Explained Chris Shaw, operations officer at DST Systems, DST offers DPP sponsors additional distribution support solutions to help them strengthen their service offerings to the financial intermediaries that sell their products. “DST Vision is the industry’s leading online account management tool for financial intermediaries,” Shaw said. “More than 270 management companies make their account information available to advisors and broker/dealers through Vision. Now these intermediaries can have real-time aggregated access to their customer’s account information in REIT/direct participation programs, as well. In addition, Behringer Harvard will now be able to provide to their clients the option to receive paper or electronic versions of account statements.”