Behringer’s New Funds

Behringer Securities and Meritage Capital are taking advantage of the current market's volatility.
Jason Mattox, of Behringer

Jason Mattox,  Behringer

Behringer Securities L.P. and Meritage Capital L.L.C. have entered into a strategic agreement “to develop, manage and distribute a series of specialized investment funds,” the two companies announced late last week. The funds reportedly are intended to encompass multiple investment strategies, in response to current market volatility.

The agreement aims to leverage both companies’ expertise. Behringer will lead as to raising capital for the funds, using its relationships with independent financial advisors. Meritage, a $1.2 billion boutique investment management firm specializing in differentiated hedge fund solutions and based in Austin, will lead the investment strategy for each fund.

“Meritage Capital is pleased to offer liquid alternative solutions to the investment community and feels fortunate to have found a partner with Behringer’s expertise to collaborate with,” Alex Smith, CEO of Meritage Capital, said in a release. “This relationship allows us to focus on our core strength, the investment process.”

“Our agreement with Meritage Capital further enables us to evolve beyond our core competencies in commercial real estate to create platforms that meet investors’ needs today and in the future, regardless of market conditions,” Behringer COO Jason Mattox told Commercial Property Executive.

“We’re pleased that this new venture brings together two senior management teams with a common philosophy for providing unique investment opportunities that support the critical objective of portfolio diversification,” Frank Muller, CEO & president of Behringer Securities, said in the announcement.

“This agreement is an important part of Behringer’s continued expansion of managers on our platform, and it further allows us to accomplish our goal of providing financial advisors with access to strategies and solutions that are highly relevant to today’s evolving investment marketplace,” added Bob Aisner, CEO of Behringer Investments.

In a January video interview with CPE, Mattox discussed the substantial flow of foreign capital into the United States and emphasized that one reason for the strong appetite for single-tenant, net-lease assets is investors’ “pent-up demand for income.”