Blanke Corp. Introduces New Tile Trims

The Blanke Edge Protector Trim, the Blanke Cubeline and the Blanke Quarter Circle Tile Trim are available in three color options, including silver gloss, silver satin and bronze satin.

Blanke Corp.—a division of Blanke and Co., an industrial-grade manufacturer specializing in metal trims, underlayments and profiles for ceramic tile and stone installations—has launched three new products. These include:

  • Blanke Edge Protector Trim
  • Blanke Cubeline
  • Blanke Quarter Circle Tile Trim

The Blanke Edge Protector Trim can be used where tile edges are not protected by grout joints for trimming window sills, wall corners and floor transitions. This product can also be used as a narrow accent liner or as a division between different tiled areas.

The company also launched Blanke Cubeline, a tile edge protector with round edges that features a symmetrical cube-like shape, which provides a durable protective edge for tile and stone applications. Being chemical resistant, the stainless-steel version can be used both as a stairnose and wall accent or bullnose.

The third new product, Blanke Quarter Circle Tile Trim, is a quarter-circle liner that can be used as a bullnose edge on walls. Made of aluminum or PVC, it can also act as an edge for counter top tile applications. The Quarter Circle Tile Trim also features a vertical support under its curved profile.

The metal trims are available in three color options: silver gloss, silver satin and bronze satin.

Similar products include: the Blanke Triangular Trim, the Blanke Floor Accent Profile, the Blanke Decoline, the Blanke Aqua-Keil and Aqua-Keil Wall, the Blanke Aqua-Glass and Aqua-Keil Glass, the Blanke Aqua-Deco, the Blanke Corner Angle, the Blanke Corner Protection Profile and the Blanke Sill Profile.

Photos courtesy of Blanke Corporations