Bluon Energy Debuts HVAC/R Solution

In response to stricter regulations, the company teamed up with mechanical contractors to develop a cost-effective, energy-efficient new refrigerant.

Bluon Energy—specializing in improving HVAC/R equipment and decreasing carbon footprints—has launched its new TdX 20 refrigerant. Replacing the R-22 model, the new product is both cost- and energy-efficient.

Most HVAC/R systems still use R-22 refrigerants. With global laws phasing them out, building owners have no other choice than to replace their equipment. Bluon Energy’s TdX 20 refrigerant is a direct drop-in replacement that reduces energy consumption while also extending the equipment’s life. The McClellan, Calif.-based company’s technical leads work with mechanical contractors to fine-tune HVAC/R systems.

“Replacement refrigerants are going to continue to grow in demand over the next 10 years. End users are forced to pick a refrigerant to replace their R-22 if they have a leak or a problem or they simply want to be proactive in going for energy efficiency savings. Being the only one that’s energy efficient, we’re the obvious choice to be able to utilize in the system,” said Bluon Energy CEO Douglas Reinke in a statement.

Video courtesy of Bluon Energy