Bretford Delivers New Power Solution

The company’s new product, which delivers flexible power for a variety of smart devices, has received both FCC and ETL certifications.

Bretford—a manufacturer of technology solutions for the education, commercial office and health-care markets—has launched Juice Mobile Power, a FLI Charge-licensed modular power delivery system. The product is a cost-effective distributor of code-compliant power, delivering an over-the-floor electrical infrastructure which enables Active Charging.

Using FLI Charge technology, the product can easily identify the interference of alien objects, thus instantly powering off to ensure safety and powering up once again when the foreign item has been detached from the powered surface. Juice Mobile Power recently received both Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL) certifications.

“FLI Charge’s technology overcomes power and charging frustrations, through innovative solutions in a wide variety of settings including, through our partnership with Bretford, the classroom and office environments,” said Cliff Weinstein, CEO of FLI Charge, in a prepared statement. “The interest in Juice Mobile Power has been overwhelming and receiving FCC and ETL approvals further solidifies this product’s ability to change the way power is delivered at an infrastructure level.”

The Juice Mobile Power features:

  • Flexible Track with 6- or 12-inch starter track and daisy-chain additional track extensions
  • Base, which converts AC power to DC power turning one outlet into a smart power hub
  • Pods + Cords, which delivers power from the floor to the table with USB-A, USB-C or Barrel cords
  • Magnetic Connectors, which allow for a safe power distribution
  • Flexi-Hinge, which allows the track to be folded and packed-up.

Video courtesy of Bretford