Building Blocks for Storage Systems

Two new offerings from Maxwell Technologies can stand alone or integrate with other components.
Maxwell Technologies’ Grid Cell Pack

Designed to address the growing need for power-intense grid services, Maxwell Technologies Inc.’s Grid Cell Pack and Grid Energy Storage System feature advanced utility grade control and communications to facilitate integration at the transmission, distribution substation and commercial/industrial level.

The Grid Cell Pack provides energy storage scalability in the form of an energy-dense storage module with an open mechanical architecture to reduce system cost and complexity. The Grid Cell Pack dispatches power in milliseconds and can be deployed to stabilize frequency, provide voltage support, smooth renewable power output and provide bridging power as a stand-alone energy resource or when combined with batteries.

The Grid Energy Storage System is based on power building blocks in rack mountable modular form for integration into utility scale energy storage solutions. The system enables utility equipment OEMs, electric utilities, microgrid providers and large-scale commercial and industrial customers to provide near real-time grid and microgrid response to imbalances in grid voltage and frequency.

These advanced power delivery systems are readily integrated with traditional battery deployments to ensure an optimal amount of energy and power is delivered to distribution and transmission networks in microgrids and at industrial facilities. This system includes advanced interfaces for two-way communications, monitoring, and control to utility, microgrid, and commercial/industrial communication networks.

The products can be deployed as stand-alone energy storage systems or in combination with other energy storage assets to improve project business cases, including stacked functionality and extension of battery life to lower capital expense, operating expense and lifetime cost. The systems are designed to be utilized in greenfield storage projects as well as support existing deployed storage systems.

Maxwell’s new Grid Cell Pack and Grid Energy Storage System inject and absorb power in cycle timeframes, and are designed to stabilize voltage and frequency, firm renewable power output, provide bridging and ramping services, and improve generator response.