BuildingIQ Names Nark CEO

The board of directors at BuildingIQ has brought in Michael Nark, formerly of energy and software company Power Analytics, to serve as its new president & CEO.

BuildingIQ - Michael Nark CEO

There’s been a change at the top at BuildingIQ. The board of directors of the energy management software provider has brought in Michael Nark, formerly of energy and software company Power Analytics, to serve as its new president and CEO. Nark takes the reins from founder and former CEO Michael Zimmerman, who will stay aboard as senior vice president of business development.

“I came on board to help BuildingIQ get to the next stage in its growth,” Nark told Commercial Property Executive.  “My predecessor, Michael Zimmerman, did a great job of getting the vision funded and developed. My role is to help the company deliver the technology to our customers and ensure they have an overwhelmingly positive customer experience.”

Nark is equal to the task. He comes to the table with a quarter-century-long history in software development in the energy and industrial sectors, and is no stranger to the title of CEO. Before joining Building IQ, he held the position at Power Analytics, where he landed after serving as president & CEO of technology-enabled energy management services firm Prenova. He also held the leadership position at supply chain software provider GEOCOMtms.

“He has the proven track record of growth needed to lead our company to the next level of success,” Zimmerman said in a prepared statement of his successor.

Indeed, Nark is not planning to change the course at BuildingIQ; he’s interested in ushering the company forward along the same successful path. “My goal remains the same as the company has always had: to grow the business and make our solution available to more customers,” he said. “Saving energy from HVAC is one of the ways that we can help to save the planet, and to do it without negatively impacting comfort.”

BuildingIQ has certainly been doing its part to assist in the environmental rescue. The company has plenty of accolades under its belt, and as the sole supplier of patent-pending Predictive Energy Optimization technology, it has a global audience and the tools to further penetrate the building energy management arena. BuildingIQ’s cloud-based solution can provide as much as a 25 percent reduction in HVAC energy expenses. According to numbers culled by the government-backed Energy Star program, combined annual energy costs for U.S. commercial buildings totals approximately $108 billion.

“Much of low hanging fruit per se, has already been picked in terms of lowering one’s carbon footprint and saving energy,” Nark added. “We believe that with global warming and other sustainability issues constantly in the news, it is an imperative that building owners look for ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. One of the best ways to do that is to make small, virtually imperceptible changes in HVAC. Our customers are able to both save money and help the planet, and at the same time keep their tenants and customers happy and comfortable.”