California Shopping Mall Goes Solar

Hanford Mall is now powered by a 1.6-megawatt rooftop solar system able to generate almost 3 million kilowatts of clean energy annually.

solar-panels-894291_1920 800x620Ever more businesses are switching to solar energy. Soon after San Diego’s Petco Park was upgraded with a Sullivan Solar Power system, Hanford Mall in Hanford, Calif., followed suit. Renewable energy developer Blue Sky Utility and photovoltaic company Sunpreme Inc. joined forces and installed a 1.6-megawatt bifacial commercial rooftop solar system on the retail center.

The collaboration marks the largest solar photovoltaic rooftop installation in Hanford and the largest solar system to be installed, to date, on a shopping mall in the state. The system is estimated to generate almost 3 million kilowatts of clean electricity per year, sufficient to power more than 450 homes.

“There was only one panel design capable of meeting the energy production requirements within the constraints of available rooftop space, timeframe and cost efficiencies required for Blue Sky Utility … This is our third business project in collaboration with Sunpreme, with a unique business model, and they have demonstrated once again that they are a reliable and trusted partner,” Ran Bujanover, founder & president of Blue Sky Utility, said in prepared remarks.

“These bifacial panels absorb light from both sides increasing energy yield (kWh) per kWp further combined with industry leading temperature coefficient, fire class rating A and with expected useful life exceeding 30 years,” added Surinder Bedi, executive vice president at Sunpreme.