Call for Submissions: Be Part of CRE’s Most Popular Global Survey

Contribute to a high-profile global report on market sentiment that international policymakers and top organizations use to set their agenda.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the most comprehensive report on market conditions across the globe. RICS promotes and enforces the highest professional qualifications and standards in the valuation, development and management of land, real estate, construction and infrastructure. To monitor the current and future health of the real estate markets around the world, RICS collates investor and occupier sentiment through quarterly surveys. The results of these surveys are shared publicly.

Now, RICS is asking for U.S. submissions for its next Global Commercial Property Monitor to highlight investor and occupier sentiment in the second quarter of 2019. Taking part is quick and easy. Just follow the link below.

Your responses, along with those of other real estate professionals across the world, will be incorporated into what is considered a leading barometer in the business. RICS’ quarterly report is a key resource for organizations and policymakers such as the European Central Bank, the Reserve Bank of Australia and the International Monetary Fund.

If you are an RICS member, your entry will count as informal continuing professional development time. The deadline for submissions is July 7.

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