“Capital Insights” with Jack Kern: Senior Housing, Senior Moments…

“I’ve learned more in my lifetime, than you’ll probably ever know, because, wait, what were we talking about?”–My Grandfather, 1964

There is a lot of interest in multi-housing for all of the sectors, but lately there have been some great questions on continuing care retirement communities and nursing facilities. The biggest difference, as the claim goes, between market-rate and seniors housing is that teenagers are easier to handle than seniors.

A friend of mine, an investor in businesses that serve the multi-housing industry, helped put a movie deal together not too long ago and now, if you happen to live in Florida or have family there, the movie is making its debut. Now you might think I’m suggesting this because they’re paying me. They are not. You might think this movie is being recommended because I get to star in the sequel, which is also not true. I did hope that if they do a sequel I’d get to play someone commensurate with my vast acting experience, for example, I’d be a good dead guy on the slab at the morgue. No lines, and all I have to do, is not breathe when the camera is on me. I’d also be good in a crowd scene, where I’m standing next to some supermodels. Since that won’t ever happen in real life, maybe it can be scripted.

But actually, I want you to tell your friends and grandparents and grapefruit league followers to see this movie because it will give you a good command of the thoughts and feelings of our seniors. If you’re building for this market niche and want to learn more about who they are and what they want, watch this film. The fact that it stars everyone’s favorite ‘Dad’, Andy Griffith, and wonder actor and Uber Mom Doris Roberts, who played Marie Barone on ‘Everyone Loves Raymond,’ is a real benefit.

As an added plus, if the movie does well, you’ll have played a part in helping launch it and best of all, the next generation of senior congregate care housing will be much improved.

Click here to watch the movie trailer or here to find a theater in Florida.

With any luck at all, you’ll see me in the remake in about 30 years!

(Jack Kern is the managing director of Kern Investment Research, a firm that has nothing to do with the movie industry. He asks: How come they can’t make popcorn that won’t stain your shirt when you drop it? I know, the obvious answer is don’t drop the popcorn, but then it’s harder to watch the movie. If you watch the film, please write and tell me how you liked it. JKern@KernIRC.com or call 301-601-900.)