Captivate Adds More Interest to Elevators

The company introduced a series of new features, including Screen Center 2.0, a completely redesigned tenant communication tool offering full-screen video capability.

flush-metal-steelcroppedToday, the phrase “elevator music” is synonymous with tunes that are monotonous and irritating, much like the experience of waiting for and in an elevator. Combine this mundane daily activity with a population that’s used to constantly being entertained by personal devices and elevators seem awkward and inconvenient.

Captivate, a digital media display company, specializes in screens that take the dullness out of elevator rides. Captivate’s elevator screens can redefine a building’s status, serve as a tenant communication tool and a reliable, low-cost way to increase tenant satisfaction. With media partners like Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, CNN Money and more, building tenants are treated to live broadcasts as they use the elevator.

The company is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary with special promotional rates on elevator and multipurpose displays.

For the past 20 years, our real estate partners have grown with us from the elevator screens that alleviate awkwardness to a solution that fundamentally changes the tenant environment,” said Jeannine Antus, senior vice president of real estate sales at Captivate. “This is the best offer we’ve ever created for our customers so we hope the promotion conveys our great appreciation and commitment to technology advancements that will elevate building status, tenant satisfaction and retention.”

According to a four-week survey conducted by Nielsen, 92 percent of tenants watched elevator screens in their building daily, 85 percent enjoyed the experience and 85 percent said they would be disappointed if the screens were removed. 

Aside from informative content, the screens can also be used to serve as a message portal to deliver important building information to tenants. Common messages include sustainability initiative updates, information on building amenities, advertisements for available space to lease, safety updates and general building announcements. 

The company also introduced all new features including:

  • Screen Center 2.0
  • Emergency override
  • Corporate on-screen branding
  • Captivate Create

Screen Center 2.0 is a tenant communication tool that was completely redesigned with full-screen video capability in 2017. With emergency override, managers can instantly override captivate content to show full-screen urgent messages at planned intervals. Corporate on-screen branding allows on-screen brand integration including a company logo, color scheme and/or building image. Captivate Create is a new retail promotional tool.

Captivate offers custom-designed solutions and easy system management. Design options include a flush mount screen that is integrated directly into the elevator cab, a tilted one-piece surface, a two-piece surface with the screen encased in a metal frame and a lobby and tenant suite display, among other options.