CGT’s Green Roofs Add Sustainability to Amazon’s Seattle Development

Columbia Green Technologies puts its mark on Amazon’s Seattle Tower.

By Anca Gagiuc, Associate Editor

Amazon's Doppler and Meeting Center
Amazon’s Doppler and Meeting Center

Portland, Ore.—Columbia Green Technologies is an essential part of Amazon’s Doppler and Meeting Center sustainable design. The Portland-based green roof solution firm is enhancing their rooftops with technology to manage stormwater.

“Green roofing has grown tremendously in the last few years because building owners are realizing the benefits of utilizing green roofs on empty space instead of having a retention tank,” said Columbia Green CEO Vanessa Keitges. “Especially in an area where it rains a lot, this makes sense. More companies are also changing their building environments to make healthier places for people to live and work – greenery and green roofs are part of this.”

Vegetative roofs help capture stormwater that would otherwise flow into the city’s stormwater systems.

“We have the opportunity to do things right,” said Director of Global Real Estate & Facilities John Schoettler. “Our urban campus is part of the broader city scape and provides our employees with all of the urban amenities they would want. We also focused to ensure the environment we created is sustainable, a place employees will feel good about working in. These new green roof buildings help us do that.”

The collaboration between Columbia Green and Amazon marks an ongoing trend for large companies as CGT continues to bring the green lifestyle to various industries as a part of its effort to build the resilient model in the Pacific Northwest.

Image courtesy of NBBJ