Changing of the Guard at Voit

There’s been a shift at Voit Real Estate Services: The name remains the same, but the management structure has been modified.

By Barbra Murray, Contributing Editor

There’s been a shift at Voit Real Estate Services. The name remains the same but the management structure has been modified, converting the 44-year-old commercial real estate services firm to a broker-led organization.

Eric Hinkelman Voit
Eric Hinkelman, Voit

Voit, founded by Bob Voit, made its debut in 1971 as a development company, and has since evolved into one of Southern California’s leading services firms. Now, the brokers who’ve been working alongside Mr. Voit to make the company what it is today will become stakeholders in the firm and serve as guides as the emphasis is transferred to Voit’s brokerage services platform, which launched in 1987. Eric Hinkelman, former executive managing director, takes the leadership position as CEO of the newly reorganized business.

The change at Voit didn’t come out of nowhere. “Bob Voit has been planning a transition out of the day-to-day operations of the firm for some time now. Looking ahead at the exciting growth opportunities for our company, he recognized that now was the right time to hand the reins over to the brokerage professionals who have helped him build the company,” Hinkelman told Commercial Property Executive.

However, not everything is changing. Voit’s development roots will remain firmly planted, as will Mr. Voit, who will turn his attention to the company’s development and investment platform. Mr. Voit will also have power at the top as Chairman of the Board.

Mr. Voit said in a prepared statement, “This will be an exciting next chapter for the company and I am thrilled that the legacy of Voit Real Estate Services along with our unique company culture will continue on with the brokers that helped build this firm now at the helm.”