Chelsea Pier Architect to Do Brooklyn Navy Yard Project

Fine arts services provider SurroundArt has tapped Steven Kratchman Architect to oversee the “greening” and unification of its new Museum Resource Campus that is currently underway at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. SurroundArt’s campus will encompass 167,000 square feet of leased space in three separate buildings at the waterfront locale. Ultimately, SurroundArt’s occupancy at the Navy Yard will encompass a new 89,000 square-foot structure that is currently underway on Perry Ave., the 7,000 square-foot Paymaster Building, an adaptive reuse endeavor, and 71,000 square feet the company already leases in Building Three at the 300-acre industrial park. Kratchman will unify the three non-contiguous structures–providing office accommodations and space for storage, packing, fabrication and other art-related activities–via exterior walkways and other design elements to create a unified campus. In addition to creating visual continuity for the SurroundArt compound, Kratchman is charged with incorporating environmentally-friendly elements into the master plan. The most prominent green segment of the project will be the three-story Perry Ave. structure, which will carry the distinction of being the country’s first multi-story, multi-tenanted LEED Silver Industrial Building. “We’re pretty hardnosed about these sorts of things,” Steven Kratchman, president of the architectural firm, told CPN today. “Some of the hype about green projects may be based on spurious science, but it’s a hardnosed business about saving money. We work hard on strategies that have paybacks of three years or less. You have to be practical about it but even with that, there is still an array of solutions.” The urge to go green is becoming increasingly popular, Kratchman said, particularly among young, emerging businesses. “These clients seem to be more and more interested in this aspect of architecture,” Kratchman noted. “They have more enthusiasm for it because of their generational background but also, they see it as a way to enhance business. It’s a statement. And they also see it as a vehicle to help recruit people into the organization.” SurroundArt is not alone in its sustainability pursuits at the Navy Yard. The U.S. Marine Corps Commandant’s residence, or Building 92, will be upgraded and expanded into a 25,000-square-foot LEED certified facility to house the Brooklyn Navy Yard Historical Center. SurroundArt’s Museum Resource Campus is on schedule to open this fall. Based in New York City, Kratchman provides architectural services for retail, commercial and residential projects, including educational institutions and sports facilities. The company places a strong emphasis on energy-efficient architecture and design achieved via new and cost-effective technologies. Established in 1999, the firm is backed by the widespread experience of Steven Kratchman, who played a large role in the development of two major waterfront projects, acting as lead designer of the city’s famous Chelsea Piers complex, and designer of the Hudson Park mixed-use development in Yonkers.