Coldwell Banker Unveils New e-Marketing Platform

Coldwell Banker Real Estate has selected Imprev to create the brand’s new mobile eMarketing platform as part of the new Coldwell Banker 360 suite of products.

By Keith Loria, Contributing Editor

ColdwellColdwell Banker Real Estate L.L.C. has selected Imprev to create the brand’s new mobile eMarketing platform as part of the new Coldwell Banker 360 suite of products.

Coldwell Banker’s independent agents and brokers will now have access to a platform that delivers an extensive range of exclusive designs and marketing content and allows them to easily engage with consumers via the Web, email and social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

“The eMarketing platform really allows today’s mobile agent to be able to connect with their customers on a regular basis by creating custom content that can be delivered via email, social or even traditional methods,” David Marine, Coldwell Banker Real Estate L.L.C.’s vice president of brand engagement, told Commercial Property Executive. “The agent that doesn’t have a strategy for keeping top of mind with consumers will be left behind. The Coldwell Banker eMarketing platform is just another way that Coldwell Banker agents have the ability to stay ahead of the competition.”

Imprev custom-formatted Coldwell Banker’s marketing designs and content for the web, real estate video marketing, drip marketing campaigns, and social media.

The key features of the Coldwell Banker eMarketing platform are that it allows marketing content to work on mobile devices—tablets and smartphones; it enables agents to create and distribute marketing content from wherever they are using an iPad or tablet device; it integrates seamlessly with Xpressdocs, the Coldwell Banker preferred vendor for commercial printing; and it allows embedded video in email campaigns for a rich consumer experience.

Renwick Congdon
Renwick Congdon, Imprev

According to Marine, Coldwell Banker selected Imprev because of its reliable, robust and mobile-centric platform that is custom-built to serve the needs of its agents and brokers.

“A fully-mobile digital marketing platform is important for success in real estate today as it delivers increased agent productivity—it frees agents up to spend more time in the field instead of at their desks creating marketing materials,” Renwick Congdon, Imprev’s CEO, told CPE. “It also guarantees an agent’s ability to immediately follow up on every lead. It brings everything together in one place, on one platform, instead of a bunch of disparate vendors or separate apps. The most crucial piece: every marketing piece distributed can be viewed and any client’s device no matter where the client is.”