Coming Soon to Austin: “Surf’s Up!”

The ocean is being brought to Austin by engineer and surfer Doug Coors in the only inland surfing destination in North America. After 15 years of research for the wave technology that mimics a perfect break, NLand Surf Park is under construction with completion slated for 2016.

By Anca Gagiuc, Associate Editor

NLand Surf Park

Improbable as it sounds, Austin is on its way to becoming a surfer’s haven. In the wake of a 15-year quest for technology that mimics a perfect break, North America’s only inland surfing destination is under construction near Austin Bergstrom International Airport.

The brainchild of Doug Coors, an engineer and dedicated surfer, NLand Surf Park is on track for a 2016 opening. The attraction, which is being created in conjunction with Spanish engineering firm Wavegarden, will be located on 113 acres (about the size of nine football fields). The project’s cost has not been disclosed.

The key to the park is Wavegarden technology, which can produce 300 distinct waves per hour that will be suitable for surfers at every level of experience. In 11 surfing areas, one-, four-, and six-foot waves will roll every 60 seconds. The park will also offer a variety of facilities and amenities around the wave lagoon.

White Construction Co., the park’s lead builder, will bring approximately 90 construction craftsmen and professionals to complete the project in eight months. The landscape architect and planner is dwg. Rider Levett Bucknall, a construction consultancy, is serving as design coordinator and project manager.

After the initial infill, NLand Surfing Park’s water usage will be completely sustainable; rainwater will replenish the water levels even during drought.

Rendering courtesy of LEVY Architects