COVID-19 Trends of the Week: Aug. 31-Sept. 4

CDC puts evictions on standby. Single-tenant net lease is a new favorite. Repositioning for post-COVID-19 success. These are the trends that shaped coronavirus coverage this week.

On Thursday, the Dow and Nasdaq had their worst days since June. Tech stocks faltered as well. The public market may be getting the message that the private market received a while ago: the economy is definitely in recession.

1. CDC holds off evictions, while owners still must pay expenses.

Apartment building in Portland, Ore. Image by Ian Pollet/Creative Commons

As the pandemic rages on, the Centers for Disease Control issued a national moratorium on evictions this week that will stay in place until Dec. 31, 2020. That’s good news for residents (those making more than $99,000 per year are excluded), but owners still have to pay their mortgages, utilities and other bills. While Congress stalls a decision on the next relief package that could help residents and property owners, President Trump last month signed an executive order for $300 a week in additional unemployment benefits, but those funds have yet to reach recipients.

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2. STNL deals increase in flight to quality, safety.

There has been significant transaction activity in the single-tenant net lease transactions as investors seek shelter in better-performing assets leased to high-credit tenants. Net lease transactions accounted for 20 percent of all investment activity in the second quarter, Commercial Observer reported. Not surprisingly, nearly half of that activity was in industrial.

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3. Flexible owners mull conversions for highest and best uses.

As many office, hotel and retail property owners face temporary and perhaps permanent vacancy due to COVID-19, there is a lot of talk about conversions or repositionings. A well-located retail center, for example, may have a more profitable life as an apartment property or an office building. In fact, if current economic and health conditions persist, experts are predicting a broad transformation of the real estate landscape.

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