C&W’s Cushman Returns to U.S., Promoted to Executive Managing Director

After almost five years in the firm’s London office, Cushman & Wakefield Inc. executive Jeff Cushman has relocated to the New York world headquarters and has been promoted to executive managing director, CPN learned exclusively today. Cushman will be responsible for cross-border client development strategies, as well as initiatives for current and prospective global clients across the firm’s service lines. He reports directly to global COO John Santora. As Cushman (pictured) returns home, he brings both a global perspective and external and internal relationships created while overseas, all made with knowledge that he would eventually bring them back to the States. “It’s hard to understand a place until you actually live there,” he told CPN. “We can be local in our thinking. (My position) brings a broader global role; we can lean on what I’ve learned and experienced and apply it to the Middle East, South America and Asia.” Cushman & Wakefield has been making a greater push globally, and this position will also allow the firm to act in a more coordinated fashion when doing business internationally. “I traveled often and met senior developers, investors and landlords in Europe, which has a lot of value and will help us get to people.” he said, adding that multinational clients no longer want global service–“they expect global service.” The firm is now streamlining as much as possible, using Cushman’s links to bridge the gap between Europe and the United States and to help connect the right teams to the right projects. A deal in Manchester, U.K., for instance, may involve a team from Manchester, a team from London and Cushman; his role would be to help the teams meet with executives from targeted U.S.-based tenants. In London, he oversaw Cushman & Wakefield’s efforts to coordinate the activities of the firm’s local office agency teams throughout Europe with the firm’s global platform, including helping structure and organize the firm’s office marketing and leasing perspective and enabling the firm to better identify and access key decision-makers on behalf of some of Europe’s largest landlords, including Tishman Speyer Properties, Minerva and Unibail. He also represented the interests of U.S.-based multinationals operating in Europe, including Marsh & McLennan, Qualcomm and Gilead Sciences in multiple markets, including London, Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Madrid. Cushman returns to the United States during a volatile time in the country’s economy, but he noted that London, another major financial center, has also felt the effects of the credit crunch. And although the rest of the world has lagged behind in feeling the pain just yet, business has not seemed to slow: he’s participated in recent calls from Luxemborg, Sweden, Panama, Canada, India and China, to name a few. “I have a very expensive phone bill,” he laughed, “but it’s an exciting job and I’m happy to be back.” Cushman is the great grandson of the company’s founder, J. Clydesdale Cushman, and represents the seventh generation of the Cushman family to work in real estate in New York City. Prior to joining the firm, he served as senior director of leasing in Northern California for Tishman Speyer Properties and also oversaw the leasing and marketing efforts of 5.9 million square feet of office space in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center. He earned his BS and JD degrees from Santa Clara University in California.