DAILY READS: April 9, 2020

Isolating in style. LA's massive undertaking. What will the modern office look like after coronavirus? Here's a batch of other critical content for you to read, listen to or watch.

Dealmakers Rush to Sign Deals While They Still Can

“Without any contact between them, the documents for the eight-figure refinancing of the client’s property, were signed, notarized, and FedExed to the lender.” Read more
Commercial Observer 

Destination Isolation: This Company’s COVID-19 Retreats Offer Quarantining In Style

Working remotely, homeschooling, and social isolation may be the new norm for most Americans—but who says it has to occur at home? Thanks to a unique pivot from short-term rental platform D.Alexander, now it doesn’t. Read more

The Trajectory of the Modern Office Remains an Open Question

“One unresolved question is how employers will respond to this sudden experiment with working from home. Will firms that had been reluctant to it in the past be more amenable to the possibility after social distancing? Much of that depends on how the employees themselves respond to the change, and what productivity looks like.” Read more

LA Trying to Find 15,000 Hotel Rooms for Homeless at Risk From COVID-19

“County officials say that by early next week, more than 1,340 hotel beds will be available for people living on streets and in shelters.” Read more
Curbed Los Angeles

MBA Reports Flood of Mortgage Forbearance Requests

“Forbearance requests grew by 1,270 percent between the week of March 2 and the week of March 16, and another 1,896 percent between the week of March 16 and the week of March 30. The Survey also found that hold times increased to 17.5 minutes from under two minutes (three weeks prior) at servicer call centers.” Read more
National Mortgage Professional