DAILY READS: March 31, 2020

Rethinking law firm real estate. Retail owners sit down with tenants. Why industrial is a diamond in the rough. Here’s a batch of other critical content for you to read, listen to or watch.

Rethinking Law Firm Real Estate When the Office Is Empty

“’Working from home used to be just for the lawyers,’ she said. ‘Now maybe we do it for staff as well. If this forced experiment works, it could expand that to paralegals and staff as well.'” Read more
American Lawyer

The Way We Get Our Food May Change Forever

“The equation is not as simple as everyone being forced to stay at home equals an increase in food being delivered to our homes. Beneath the surface, a process that might have taken years to unfold is happening in a space of weeks, but while for some operators this will provide a big opportunity, others will be left behind. And the impact on commercial real estate can be significant. ” Read more

Industrial Real Estate: A Diamond In The Rough (Opinion)

“Leasing industrial commercial real estate has been an enlightening journey since the economic downfall of 2008. The late 2000s were a difficult time for Americans, but little did we know everything was about to change. Read more

Retail Owners Look for Middle Ground as National Chains Declare Rent Strike

“New York’s property owners will have to work with their retail tenants to dig the city back out of its corona virus blight.  As national tenants such as Subway, Mattress Firm and Cheesecake Factory lawyer up and brace for a rent strike, a report from NKF suggests both sides need to find a middle ground in order to survive.” Read more
Real Estate Weekly

Will Coronavirus Permanently Change CRE Lending?

“The biggest concerns focus on declining rents and rising vacancies, which would crimp property owners’ revenue and their ability to pay their loans, Anderson said. Multifamily apartment buildings and industrial properties should fare better, Trepp found, though their loss rates will also rise substantially.” Read more
American Banker