Dallas Omni Becomes First Hotel in the USA to Install Parking Guidance Technology

As part of a $400 million revamp, the 1,001-key Dallas Omni Hotel and Convention Center will offer parking guidance technology by INDECT USA.

By Adelina Osan, Associate Editor

Dallas—Leading provider of sensor-based parking guidance systems INDECT USA has completed an ultrasonic parking guidance installation at a downtown Dallas hotel. Part of a $400 million redevelopment, the 1,001-key Dallas Omni Hotel and Convention Center is the first and only hotel in the USA to offer guests sensor-based parking guidance.

Dallas Omni Hotel and Convention Center
Dallas Omni Hotel and Convention Center

“The Omni Hotels and Resorts group specialize in sophistication and luxury,” Dale Fowler, director of INDECT USA, said in prepared remarks. “They know what they want – they want the best. So after viewing the parking guidance system at DFW airport, they came directly to us.”

“The whole system went from conception to installation in five weeks. It was by far the fastest installation we’ve completed to date,” he added.

The parking guidance program features the installation of 347 parking sensors and a network of LED signs informing drivers how many open parking spaces are available and where they can be found. The sensors are located above each parking space, offering a clear view to drivers of where open spaces can be found, and what type of parking is permitted in an individual space. The different colors that are indicating each space’s status are visible from several hundred yards away. LED signs at the end of each driving aisle also indicate how many spaces, and what types of spaces, are available in each parking aisle.

“The sensors eliminate the frustration of having to drive throughout the garage looking for a parking space. Hassle-free parking guarantees that a visit to the Omni always gets off to a good start,” added Fowler.

As busy garages only experience 90 to 95 percent occupancy, the INDECT parking guidance system eliminates unnecessary revenue loss by encouraging parkers to enter the garage even when it outwardly appears to be full, saving parking owners and operators thousands of dollars a day.

Image courtesy of Dallas Omni Hotel and Convention Center