Delta Introduces Outdoor Energy Storage

The company's new system has a high energy density and long lifecycle, making it well-suited for use in commercial and industrial buildings.

Renewable power is quickly becoming a viable clean energy solution for many industries, but storing the generated energy can be a challenge for commercial and industrial businesses. Delta Group, a power and thermal management solutions company, recently launched its Outdoor Energy Storage System (ESS) Cabinet, which joins the company’s existing portfolio of renewable power conversion and energy storage technologies.

With Delta’s diversity of product offerings and systems expertise, we have become a key resource of complete solutions for commercial and industrial buildings, schools and healthcare facilities, as they look to adopt and optimize onsite renewable energy installations,” said M.S. Huang, president of Delta Americas. “Our commitment to R&D is unmatched, which allows us to provide the most cutting-edge solutions in support of the ever changing energy landscape.

The ESS Cabinet combines lithium-ion batteries, a Battery Management System and a built-in HVAC system for thermal management. With its scalable properties and IP55 rating for dust and water protection, the ESS Cabinet can be applied to many field capacity requirements. Its high energy density and long lifecycle makes it well-suited for commercial and industrial building managers or owners looking to optimize energy usage and save on operational costs.

The ESS Cabinet helps accomplish these goals by enabling demand charge management through peak shaving, time-of-use optimization with load shifting, power backup, self-consumption optimization and ancillary power services. The cabinet is scalable up to 1.32 MWh, which suits medium- to large-scale commercial and industrial uses. 

Delta also offers a Power Conditioning System that pairs with the EDD Cabinet or other battery systems to provide power compensation that improves a building’s energy quality.

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