Detroit Vegan Soul Food Opens Second Restaurant

The plant-based farm-to-table restaurant will open a second location in Motor City at the end of the year.

By Alexandra Pacurar

Detroit Vegan Soul Restaurant in West Village, Detroit
Detroit Vegan Soul Restaurant in West Village, Detroit

DetroitDetroit Vegan Soul (DVS) announced the opening of their second restaurant in Motor City’s Grandmont Rosedale area. The new location is scheduled to open in December 2016 and will include a larger kitchen that can accommodate more staff members, as Kirsten Ussery-Boyd, co-owner & general manager of DVS, said in a video posted on the company’s website.

The expansion was initially planned for 2018, but the success of the restaurant convinced the owners to make the move sooner. Detroit Vegan Soul is part of the farm-to-table and zero waste movement, as it uses fresh ingredients from urban farmers and produce markets. Any food waste from the restaurant is sent back to be transformed into compost and used for fertilizing the soil.

Detroit Vegan Soul opened in 2013 at 8029 Agnes St., in the city’s historic West Village neighborhood, aiming to make fresh, healthy food accessible to everyone and prevent diet-related diseases. The menu is created by co-owner & Executive Chef Erika Boyd. The Detroit native reinterprets traditional soul food dishes into healthier, vegan alternatives.

The business is one of the first to receive the Motor City Match grant, a program that connects businesses with quality real estate properties and provides financial and logistic support.

Image via Detroit Vegan Soul’s Facebook Page