Doing Family Markets 42 Acres of Searchlight, a Small Mining Town With a Colorful Past

The number of available lots in the offering sits in the high 20s, with a series of intriguing properties set to catch the attention of both those interested and trivia enthusiasts. The town of Searchlight, home of former Senate Majority Leader and current senior Senator of Nevada Harry Reid, has had its fair share of history. Considered at one point to become the county seat of the newly formed Clark County at the turn of the 20th century, Searchlight is a little mining town built on the success of a gold vein. The 21-room El Rey Motel was formerly a brothel that constituted the main venue used by workers laboring at the Hoover Dam.

Much of Searchlight–that small mining town with an often colorful past–is going on the market.

The Las Vegas Sun reports that the Doing family is planning to sell its local holdings, which include a casino, restaurant and a motel. The owners are counting on the appeal of Searchlight’s location near Las Vegas to draw prospective bidders.

Upwards of 20 different lots are for sale across a 42-acre expanse. The properties include the Searchlight Nugget Casino and an adjoining restaurant. Some assets offer a measure of notoriety; the 21-key El Rey Motel was once a brothel that was reputedly popular with workers who built the Hoover Dam.

Another historical footnote: a century ago, Searchlight was a candidate to serve as the seat of Clark County before the selection of Las Vegas. Notable natives include Senator Harry Reid.