Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School for Science, Technology Goes Solar

Fortune 300-company NRG Energy, Inc. has announced dedicating a solar photovoltaic installation and opening the NRG Playground at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Charter School for Science and Technology in New Orleans.

Fortune 300-company NRG Energy Inc. has announced plans to dedicate a solar photovoltaic installation and open the NRG Playground at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School for Science and Technology in New Orleans.

The photovoltaic installation consists of 397 solar panels that will generate 112 kilowatts of power – enough to cover one-third of the school’s peak energy demand, significantly lowering the school’s electricity costs. Moreover, the installation will form a solar canopy over the NRG Playground, thus “the solar panels will provide shade and shelter to students and teachers while on the school grounds,” declared NRG President & CEO David Crane. “The new solar installation at the Martin Luther King School demonstrates the applicability and versatility of solar power in urban environments,” he added.

Other upgrades and educational new features executed at the school include a garden irrigation system, drinking fountains, prisms and inspirational sayings intended to enhance the school experience for both the student body and faculty members.

NRG commissioned Sunora Energy Solutions to handle project design and management. Sunora also fabricated and pre-assembled the solar arrays, using donated Trina Solar panels.  Engineering and construction support was implemented by DLR Design Group and Core Construction, while the educational components, gardens and wetland plantings were contributed by Common Ground Relief.

The project was inspired by Global Green USA’s ongoing rehab and greening work in the Katrina-marred Lower Ninth Ward.

Rendering courtesy of NRG Energy Inc. via Business Wire