Dream Hotel Coming to Downtown Nashville

The project is part of the historic neighborhood’s revitalization.

By Keith Loria, Contributing Editor

Jay Stein, Dream Hotel Group
Jay Stein, Dream Hotel Group

Nashville—The Dream Hotel Group and 4PANT LLC are developing Dream Nashville, a 169-key hotel in Nashville, Tenn., that will be part of the ongoing restoration and revitalization of downtown.

“Dream Nashville will be an unprecedented, 169-room hotel, that will combine a new 10-story structure with existing buildings to be rehabbed, on Printers Alley,” Jay Stein, Dream Hotel Group CEO, told Commercial Property Executive. “The hotel will be a social hive for the neighborhood, with eight experiential dining and nightlife destinations.”

Located in Printers Alley at Fourth Avenue North, the hotel pairs Earl Swensson Architects with Meyer Davis Studio for the interiors. Demolition is already underway to make way for the boutique hotel development.

The opening of Dream Nashville is part of a larger economic development plan for the city, which, thanks to an influx in visitors and business relocations, is experiencing unparalleled growth and record wealth creation.

“We are delighted to finally commence construction on this iconic project,” Alex Marks, 4PANT principal partner, said in a prepared release. “We appreciate the patience of everyone involved as we carefully designed and connected a new 10-story structure to the six-story Utopia Hotel building, one of Nashville’s most historic structures.”

According to Stein, Nashville’s population growth, healthy employment sector and cost-friendly business climate are driving corporate expansions and relocations in industries such as auto manufacturing.

“Nashville attracts over 13 million tourists per year and the ongoing restoration and revitalization of its historic downtown neighborhood specifically were added draws for us to this market,” he said. “I always say that we are building the hotel’s ethos first for the surrounding community. If we build something that our neighbors love, the transient guest will too because everyone wants to get a feel of the locale.”

Dream Hotel Group recently announced $1.5 billion in new hotel development. In addition to the new site in Nashville, future U.S. locations include Dallas, Palm Springs, and two New York properties in Times Square and Long Island City, with an additional opening in Doha, Qatar, Dream Hotel’s first foray into the Middle East.

“For Dream Nashville, as with all of our new developments, we were seeking a market that we feel is void of an upscale, lifestyle hotel,” Stein said. “Nashville is also one of the most vibrant, creative and welcoming places in the U.S., which also makes it an ideal location for a Dream Hotel property. Dream Nashville will not only cater to travelers but will also provide the local community with a new reason to work and play in Printers Alley.”

Dream Nashville is expected to open in mid-2018.