DuPont’s Rainscreen Protects Cladding from Moisture Damage

The Tyvek DrainVent extends the life of exterior cladding by preventing cracking, peeling and rot.
DuPont Tyvek DrainVent
DuPont’s Tyvek DrainVent

DuPont Safety & Construction has introduced the Tyvek DrainVent, a rainscreen solution that provides advanced protection against moisture damage in exterior wall systems.

DuPont’s product can be installed behind stucco, stone veneer, brick, wood, fiber cement and metal panel systems. The product creates an 0.25-inch space for water drainage and air movement for drying behind cladding. This gap helps prevent rot, cracking and peeling.

The Tyvek DrainVent replaces the intervening layer required for stucco and stone, while the attached heavy-duty filter fabric keeps mortar out, helps create a flat surface to allow the cladding to lay flat and also has a high permeability rating that makes it breathable.

The product’s three-dimensional, honeycomb-textured design enhances durability and provides uniform nonstructural support for various categories of cladding. It is easy to cut and install, lays flat and rolls tight against corners, helping protect against poor installation and detailing errors.

A 10-year limited warranty is included. If the DrainVent is installed properly with DuPont Tyvek wrap and flashing products, a 10-year limited product and labor warranty is available.

DuPont Safety & Construction is part of DowDuPont’s Specialty Products Division.

Image courtesy of DuPont Safety & Construction