Dutch Architects to Build M-F Complex on Water in Netherlands

Architecture firm Waterstudio plans to build a floating multi-family complex called The Citadel on a new development site in Naaldwijk, Holland.

Given its century-old battle with the forces of nature, in preserving the integrity of its territories, the Netherlands seems to have come to an understanding that it won’t always be able to fight off Mother Nature.

As a result, architectural firm Waterstudio has made designing projects meant to be constructed on water, as an alternative to development for the land-challenged country. The company now has a project in the works that would help with housing in the Naaldwijk area, and, according to the firm, would also help major cities located on the waterfront, battling the effects of melting ice caps.

Waterstudio is reportedly set to get a project to construction by the second half of 2014, with developer ONW/BNG GO set to take over the construction of the 60-unit multi-family complex, as well as a car park. The project, dubbed The Citadel, will feature a modern look, as 180 modular elements will be used in the construction process. The technology is increasingly popular across the world, modular constructions proving to be a cost-effective way to get residential complexes going in urban areas.

The Citadel will be built in “The New Water,” a new development site in Naaldwijk. The complex will be linked to the mainland through a floating bridge. The modular elements will be stacked asymmetrically and will offer each unit its floor plan and outdoor space scheme. The assembly process will take place on dry land, this being a temporary state, with the area eventually being flooded once the apartments are completed.

After completion, the residential community will float on 6 feet of water, with the depth eventually being increased to around 12 feet. Once the project is completed and depending on its success, the Citadel may offer a great option for cities that battle the issues of being located on the waterfront.