Economy Watch Weekly: Middling Month for Job Creation

The number of jobs created in August was below this year's average monthly gain, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. The month's report did not include Hurricane Harvey's impact on employment. Economy Editor Dees Stribling discusses the full report, for the week ending Sept 1., 2017.

CPERadioThe U.S. economy created 156,000 jobs in August, below the average employment gains of 176,000 jobs per month this year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Despite the low growth, however, some sectors impacting the real estate industry experienced job creation, such as construction, professional and technical services, and health care. The bureau’s surveys were conducted prior to Hurricane Harvey, so the disasters impact on employment data was not included in its August report. Next month’s report may be a different story. Economy Editor Dees Stribling discusses the rest of the jobs numbers, for the week ending Sept. 1, 2017.