Expanded Food Options Top Tenants’ Wish Lists

Office workers across the country want more dining choices in their buildings, according to a recent survey from Kingsley Associates.
Image via Pixabay

Amenities was the topic for this month’s partnership with Kingsley Associates. Office tenants from across the country sounded off on which amenities they would most like to have at their workplaces.

“Employees like healthy amenities, i.e., gym, food, outdoor seating. It would be nice to have a healthy choice restaurant in the building.” –Office, Chicago, Ill.

“Add a cafe or workout space in the building. All previous buildings I have worked in have these amenities and they vastly improve the enjoyment of the workspace.” – Office, Overland Park, Kan.

“Offer more tenant amenities, such as a café/cafeteria, fitness room and outside seating area indoor or outdoor (covered) to allow employees to be able to take breaks or lunches in these spaces.” – Office, Glendale, Calif.

“Parking spots are so SMALL very hard to get out of your car parked next to another car or a pillar especially if you are trying to get packages etc. out of your car.  No security in the parking garage as it is open to anyone to access.” –Office, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

“It would be great to allow the parking attendants to wash cars, we had that in our previous building, and it was very nice to have.  Also, another Peleton or two in the gym would be great, they are very popular!” –Office, Washington, D.C.

“Food/snack options. Cafeteria, food trucks, restaurants, or something I have seen in other buildings I have worked in a small like convenient store that carries everything from food to items for personal health/hygiene.” –Office, Atlanta, Ga.

“Easing parking restrictions for customers and employees—hinders ability to do business, prioritizes valet, and monetized customer parking is a detractor for guests.” –Retail, College Station, Texas

“Would love to see a gym facility there, even if it’s a basic one. Also, with the increased use of Uber/Lyft, maybe designate a better pick-up/drop-off area.” – Office, Los Angeles, Calif.

“Larger cafe. Have a gym in this building. Parking spaces bigger. Discount parking prices. More social events.” – Office, Atlanta, Ga.

“Provide outdoor seating (picnic tables, benches) at several locations throughout the grounds instead of just one location.” –Industrial, Salem, N.H.