Fairfield Medical Center Plans $35M Expansion in Lancaster

The Fairfield Medical Center has announced last week it will invest $35 million in renovations and expansions at its main campus on 401 N. Ewing Street in Lancaster, Ohio. The Fairfield Medical Center Board of Directors has already approved the plan at its regular board meeting on December 12. Plans call for the construction of a new surgery space between the main hospital and its surgery pavilion, connecting them. The addition will allow for the creation of centralized surgery operations for most services.

Fairfield Medical Center will pursue a $35 million renovation and expansion on its main campus at 401 N. Ewing Street in Lancaster. The plan was approved Dec. 12 by the institution’s board of directors. Design will continue through 2013, followed by groundbreaking in 2014 and completion in time for the hospital’s centennial in 2016.

Plans call for an addition that will centralize surgical functions and link the main hospital building to the surgical pavilion. It will improve efficiency and make transporting patients to other sections of the hospital smoother and safer. The addition’s new operating rooms will be sized to accommodate advanced technology and robotic equipment.

Fairfield Medical Center will also add 36 new private rooms. Once the expansion is complete, all the hospital’s rooms will be private. In addition, plans call for renovating existing patient rooms and expanding family waiting areas.

“This plan not only protects our current patient base in an increasingly competitive environment, but also allows for expansion in areas with demonstrated potential for market growth,” said Mina Ubbing, FMC president and CEO, in a news release. “This is an ideal time for FMC to make this investment in our future as interest rates are extremely low and construction prices favorable. The project helps to maintain the value of FMC’s assets, which keeps with our commitment to remain an independent community hospital.”


Image credit: Fairfield Medical Center